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Our Eco-friendly commitment

The eco-friendly steps taken by the campsite

The Camping du Lac de Savenay is keen to uphold its commitment for the establishment of eco-friendly solutions, aiming to reduce the water and energy consumption on the site and the limitation of the impact of the site on its natural surroundings. The aim of these steps being to combine holidays and responsible tourism.



  • All the properties are fitted with water saving devices. Also, the campsite staff and trained and able to intervene in cases of leakage.



  • Hot water is produced by electric in the shower blocks. This guarantees production without CO2 emissions.
  • All the shower blocks are fitted with sensors to detect someone present.
  • The lights throughout the site are fitted with low usage bulbs.
  • Electronic equipment (fridges, ovens, etc.) in properties are all rated A or A+.



  • Communicating and making the clientele aware of the selective recycling in collaboration with the Communaute de Commune Loire et Sillon.
  • An area dedicated to the selective recycling is available to staff and clients.
  • Dangerous waste products will be stored apart. They will then be recycled by specialists.



  • The majority of cleaning products that we use carry an environmentally friendly certificate.
  • For our planted areas we do not use chemical fertilisers. We use instead natural fertilisers. We recycle part of our green waste to make compost.



  • If needs be, we are committed to the replanting of trees on the site. The replacement trees wil all be locally sourced.
  • We favour the use of natural materials in the campsite installations.



  • Our brochures and our writing paper are made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable based inks.
  • The campsite contact by email as a means of saving paper.
  • We promote walks, the discovery of the natural surroundings and nature visits.
  • Cars are forbidden to drive on site between 11pm and 7am.
  • We offer cycle hire on site.
  • Our clients are advised on site of the possibilities of using public transport for their trips out.